Coby Dix - Wedding Music VermontWhat? Colby Dix does weddings too? You bet. Our favorite way to do weddings is like this; for the ceremony and processional, Jean Chaine plays his fantastic and beautiful classical guitar (samples linked below). It’s really a tasteful and elegant touch and quite memorable.

From there it’s off to the cocktail hour, where Colby plays his acoustic guitar, looper and sings, with Jean accompanying him on bass to round out the sound. We can tailor the song selection to your personal style, but left to our own devices you’ll hear songs by Tom Petty, Ray LaMontagne, Willie Nelson, and others of that sort. You know, just good music sort of stuff! The kind of songs that you can have a drink and talk to your friends during, but when that inevitable break in conversation appears, they are captivating and appropriate.

But what about the dance party!?! In my professional, and unsolicited, opinion, wedding bands are overpriced and lame. I have little desire to play the standard fare expected of a wedding band and frankly, I usually don’t even want to hear it. So we DJ it. Full Professional DJ rig with literally thousands of songs available. If you submit a list pre-wedding, every song that you request will be available as well. This ensures that the party keeps moving, the dancefloor is packed with smiling happy people and that you hear EXACTLY what you want to hear. If there is WiFi at the venue, then no request goes unheard, it’s just that simple.

Add to that my lifetime of experience behind a microphone to do your announcements, introductions and assistance in keeping the wedding on schedule and it’s a no brainer, all for far less than just about any company out there that isn’t your nephew. Because we really enjoy weddings, but I don’t hear the word wedding and quadruple my rate, because that’s just mean.

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A handful of testimonials:

“Professional, reliable, friendly, and incredibly talented! We made the right choice when we hired Colby Dix to play at our wedding ceremony & cocktail hour. Thank you for making the day that much more special! “  – Shana (Manchester, VT)

“People still tell us our wedding was the best party they have ever been to. Colby understood exactly what we wanted, helped us put our music together and incorporated smoothly his own blends. His live music fit perfectly, as did his DJ work. Sound was awesome, and the flow was great. Colby was dialed in and all we and our guests had a blast.” – Dario and Diane (Wilmington, VT)

“Jean’s beautiful arch guitar covers of our requested ceremony songs and Colby’s cocktail hour acoustic choices gave us the romantic, yet upbeat vibe we were going for. And then his dj’ing totally kept the dance floor alive for the entire reception, playing exactly what we asked for and more! We couldn’t have been happier with Colby’s professionalism, flexibility, and willing to work to offer us exactly what we wanted. We would definitely recommend Colby to anyone who wants to throw the wedding of the year!” – Lacey (NYC)

“This past fall at my wedding, Colby hit the musical nail on the head! He is an amazing musician, and everyone that was there that day said the same. He was a perfect fit to a brilliant evening of celebration.” – Brian (Newton, MA)

“A truly great combination of music and class. Colby Dix gave us the best of both worlds with live music for the ceremony and cocktail hour(s), along with a playlist for the reception that catered to our musical favorites accompanied by Colby’s expertise to sprinkle in some new favorites to further elevate the experience.” – Dan & Karen (Woodstock, VT)

“Colby and Jean were fantastic all around. They were very easy to work with and accommodating of all our requests. They had everything set up and ready to go before any guests showed up and had the sound dialed in from the start. Jean’s beautiful classical guitar during the ceremony, the Colby / Jean acoustic duo during the cocktail hour, and the DJing after dinner made for an eclectic and memorable evening of music and partying. Many guests commented about how much they loved the live aspect of the reception and cocktail hour followed by the DJ for after dinner dancing. I would 100% recommend Colby & Jean. They totally crushed it.” – Mark & Katie (Manchester, VT)

“Colby and Jean set the stage for the most amazing wedding. The live music during the ceremony and at cocktail hour were wonderful, and the reception music couldn’t have been better. All of our guests were raving about the music — we had to drag them off the dance floor at the end of the night! My high expectations were far exceeded. Thanks again!!!” – Erin and Andrew (Mount Snow, VT)

“As a DIY bride I found myself in over my head with a lot of the wedding details. Colby was so calm and and easy to work with/get a hold of when needed – very professional and polite. We sent him our song list and a timeline and everything went perfectly. Jean played guitar at our ceremony and learned a song just of me – it was amazing! Also rave reviews from their live performance during cocktail hour…people were blown away by their talent. Highly recommended!” – Tiffany and Chris (West Dover, VT via Boston, MA)


Jean Chaine Classical GuitarJean Chaine Classical Guitar Samples:
Allegro – Bach
Organ Concerto – Bach
Dance De Travers – Satie
Moderato – Stravinsky
Prelude 22 – Shostakovich



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