colby dix – i am. it is. you should be.

Powerfully emotive debut album that sounds like driving in a snowstorm, iaiiysb is a deeply layered alt-folk indie masterpiece that ranges from melodic harmonies to all out feedback when necessary. A bold stroke and an addictive sound.

MP3’s sound mediocre but remain ubiquitous, AAC’s sound better and work great with iTunes, FLACs are for you, if you are…

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early praise:
“In any case, i am. it is. you should be. is a strong debut that often borders on brilliance and reveals an overlooked talent.”
– Dan Bolles (Seven Days)

“Damn Colby I really had no idea. It was like an everlasting gobstopper, I was hearing hints of Ween, Elliott Smith, Bill Frisell, Steve Vai in OneToo Far had a this cool David Lynch meets Jack Johnson vibe…”
– Patrick May (Portland Music Foundation)

“Showcasing his singing and songwriting abilities, Dix conveys deep emotion through his acoustic guitar and his humbled, yet steadfast vocals.”
– Pete Mason (Upstate Live)